Invati Men Solutions for Thinning Hair

Some men may begin to notice thinning in their early 20’s, which can often lead to some anxiety about the future of their hair. Luckily they can now take control with our new Invati Men Solutions for Thinning Hair two-step system.


Aveda stylists at Glam & Tonics AVEDA Salon in Seattle offer some important tips.

“A healthy full head of hair starts with a good hair regimen. Start by giving yourself a 2 to 3 minute scalp massage to help increase the blood flow to the scalp,”. “We also love using the Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush to massage the scalp with the brush bristles– they’re soft so they won’t irritate the scalp. Always comb through any tangles or knots in your hair– continued excessive pulling will break your hair. Finally, when blow drying your hair, always use the nozzle on your dryer to avoid unnecessary burning and breakage.”


Here are the two, simple, daily steps for thicker, fuller hair using the new Invati Men products:

Use the Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo to exfoliate and refresh the scalp while conditioning to help strengthen hair. Massage on the scalp to help energize and prepare the scalp for step 2. The wintergreen-derived salicylic acid in the shampoo will help remove build-up and excess sebum, which can clog pores.

Towel dry hair and apply the Invati Men Scalp Revitalizer leave-in treatment to instantly thicken hair at the root while helping keep the hair you have, longer. When massaged in, it invigorates the scalp, helping increase micro-circulation with a potent blend of plant actives. Apply once daily directly to the scalp and massage in. It’s that easy.


To try Invati Men Solutions for Thinning Hair visit . Invati Men Solutions for Thinning Hair is available at Glam & Tonics AVEDA Salon, and will officially launch worldwide on May 1st. 

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