Justin Allen

Justin is one of the most sought after Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment Specialists in Seattle.

Justin specializes in preserving hair’s health with Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment, to help restore shine, strength, and health to his client’s processed hair. Keratin Smoothing treatments restores Keratin, one of the building blocks of hair, to worn-out locks. Hair is composed of overlapping layers of cuticles that progressively deteriorate with continued exposure to harsh ingredients. When hair is exposed to any chemical—from straightening formulas to coloring systems—the cuticle is the most vulnerable. A damaged cuticle compromises hair’s natural barrier: it lets out vital nutrients and invites in dryness and split ends. When hair lacks elasticity and strength, Keratin can be added to repair damaged areas and rebuild internal structures.

Justin is best known for being approachable, down to earth and his keen eye for detail. His looks are always up on trends as he often draws inspiration from the runway. His work has been regarded as incredibly versatile.

Although Justin is the keratin expert, he offers a full menu of services (including cuts, color, and styling) to complement your keratin complex smoothing treatment, ensuring you leave the salon with the smooth, manageable hair you desire.

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